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100% Natural 3mm 5mm Industrial Wool Felt Polishing Wool Felt Sheet Roller

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100% Natural 3mm 5mm Industrial Wool Felt Polishing wool felt Sheet Roller

Product Profile:

Wool felt seals are made of wool felt through a paper cutter. It has the functions of sealing, oil storage, shockproof, sound insulation, heat insulation and antistatic. Wool felt seals are mainly used for the sealing of various mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic appliances, power tools, vehicle manufacturing, railway and subway equipment, educational facilities, construction tools, aviation and other components.

Wool felt seal material characteristics

Has a certain degree of flexibility. Under the action of the pressing force, it can generate a certain radial force and tightly contact the shaft.
Sufficient chemical stability. Does not pollute the medium, the filler is not swelled by the medium, the impregnating agent in the filler is not dissolved by the medium, and the filler itself does not corrode the sealing surface.
Good self-lubricating performance. Wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.
If there is a small amount of eccentricity in the shaft, the filler should have sufficient wool felt seal wool felt seal wool felt seal.
Simple manufacturing and convenient loading.

The felt seal is a sealing structure composed of felt rings filled in the grooves of the shell. In the contact type sealing device, the felt seal is the simplest one. It is widely used in low speed, normal temperature, normal pressure motors, gear boxes and other machinery to seal butter and oil. Felt seals are also suitable for dust protection, but should not be used as gas seals. When felt seal is used as a liquid seal, the greater the viscosity of the medium, the better the sealing effect. For liquids with a lower viscosity such as kerosene, the effect of felt sealing is poor.

We can process all kinds of felt products according to samples. Felt rings, felt strips, felt pads, felt blocks, felt wheels, heat insulation pads and other industries can be made. Manufactured according to customer requirements, various specifications, thickness, density, quality

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