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Waste Paper Recycling Equipment

Basic Info.

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Used for removing ink particles in waste pulp.
Optimized injector type can gain broad-spectrum air bubbles, which can efficiently remove
ink particles and dirt within wider size range. Thereby, be able to gain good cleanliness of
pulp, at the same time, part of stickies and filler in pulp can also be removed.
Main Technical Parameters:
Flow rate:m3/h2564005126248009761152134414561600
Treating consistency:%1.1+/-0.1
Capacity of product : t/d55-6585-100110-130130-160170-210210-250240-300290-350310-380340-420
Consistency of ink: %2-3

In many paper making mills, waste paper is used to make new paper rolls. While waste paper consists of many kinds , some is in white color, some is painted and inked with many colors. When producing white paper, waste paper need to be deinked. This is the main application of this ECO Paper Deinking Flotation Cell, waste paper recycling equipment, production line

1.Mainly applied to deink recycled pulp, it can effectively remove the ink, light impurities and stickies etc.
2.High efficient flotation, high consistency scum, less fiber loss.
3.Easy maintenance, low power consumption, low operation cost.
4.Only one set can achieve 4-5 stages of flotation, has advantages of less occupied area.

Application: It is designed to remove hydrophobic impurities such as ink particles, gooey, plastics or filings in waste paper stock.
Design Features: It's able to remove a wide range of ink particles with sizes of 5 to 500 micra.lt is designed with a built-in aeration component in favor of the process gas loop.owing to the reasonable combination of the troughs, it is easy to control fuid level, which results in reliable operation and a wide range of capacity.
Two-stage fotation system (frst stage plus second stage) guarantees the maximum removal of the impurities such as ink particles as well as the least loss of the fber.Two-stage fotation system (front stage plus back stage) is arranged in cascade and less space is required.

Floatation deinking machine
Flotation Deinking Cell recycled waste paper pulp machine
This equipment is an up-to-date full sealing multilevel floatation deinking machine for special using in deinking of waste paper. In the equipment via the special structure of the grade separation device, it forms a floatation of multi-layered to prevent to mix floatation of different stages. The equipment has many remarkable excellences such as deinking high efficiency, high brightness pulp after deinking, release high ink thickness, little fiber loss, occupied small area, easy operation control.
The equipment is used for removing the ink particles in the waste paper pulp.
Flow: 256-1600m3/h
Layer: 3-5
Pulp consistency: 0.8-1.2%
Consistency of ink: above 3%

Flotation deinking groove is mainly used in paper pulping industry of waste paper deinking for efficient removal of ink particles in the slurry, gooey and filler slurry to obtain high purity, whiteness slurry. The best operating concentration is 1% to 2%, and the tailings after full degassing are excluded as 2 to 5% concentration from the system, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and the usage of chemicals.
The flotation groove is a closed vertical cylindrical structure, whose internal as needed can be divided into 3 to 5 layers, the bottom of each layer has a dummy plate, between which is a small gap

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